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Risusiverse (The New Beginning)

Due to performance issues with WetPaint, Risusiverse has relocated: http://risusiverse.com is the new home for all of the great Risus content you've come to know and love here. You can still join in on the fun as well (all you need is a Google account: full instructions are on the new homepage).

We hope that you come to love the new Risusiverse (this one will be going away by January 1, 2013 and will be read-only until then).

call to arms

Risusiverse (Wet Paint) Credits

Once upon a time, not so very long ago (early 2006), an idea was sparked on the Risus/RisusTalk email list; wouldn’t it be cool if there were a fanzine out there for Risus.
Guy Hoyle, Hank Harwell, Tim Ballew, Karl Paananen, Stefan Shirley, Gabriel Whitehead, and myself (plus some I can’t name by name: dragonrider9935, ploympolym, and taps128) investigated options to make a Risus Fanzine happen.
The original idea was to set up a blog or something, have people submit an article, and we’d consolidate submissions and build a nifty little PDF to distribute. However, it was around this time that the idea of a wiki also took hold which allowed for the entire Risus community to build up an amazing library for Risus materials.
We got in on the ground floor with WetPaint. We were one of their star sites (being within the first 10 to ever set up a site with them; we were in the beta and everything). WetPaint offered a nice means for people to save the articles to PDF; we didn’t need to get into the publishing business after all.
The site took off (currently with 228 members and over 200 pages). Even today, it still averages over a thousand visits a month.However, the internet being the internet, WetPaint changed their business model away from wikis; they left their wiki business operate on fumes.

Risusiverse still limps along, but not for long.
Dan Suptic has taken on the challenge of finding Risusiverse a new home. The technology is out there; Risusiverse will continue; stronger and faster than ever before.
A complete backup is available of the current Risusiverse site. For quite some time, I have maintained a place to store the files (around the time of the first One Page Challenge, WetPaint decided to limit the number of files allowable) via Google Sites:https://sites.google.com/site/risusverse/- not only can you find all of the One Page Challenge entries, you can also look in the File Cabinet and find all of the other files that were added to Risusiverse at some point (including the Risusiverse.zip file which contains html for all of the pages from WetPaint).

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